Photo by Casper Sejersen

The light from our lives reflects the future
of the Earth. And
the future of the Earth
can be found in our beauty.

D.W.M. Statement
— Descent With Modification


Beautiful flowers bloom seeking to connect life to our descendants for posterity. Is this because memory is engraved in our DNA? Will the seeds that bond us with future lives follow this knowledge alone?

We are organic beings willing the flowers to bloom. Meanwhile, countless millions of invisible cells and collective micro-organisms all strive towards a healthy and bountiful future.
With each individual life linked to one another, we draw close to nature and continue to evolve.
Our souls travel in search of light, resonating with the innumerable lives that exist throughout the universe.

The light from our lives reflects the future of the Earth. And the future of the Earth can be found in our beauty.

What’s D.W.M. Cosmetics

An unknown power lies within us all. The natural fluctuations found in water, the atmosphere and minerals awaken ancient memories that sleep deep within our cells.

In the galaxies that roam the universe, atoms interact over hundreds of millions of light years. A planet called the Earth came into creation and with it, life was born.

Each species has journeyed a long time, interacting with each other and constantly changing. This vast period of evolution with us at one end of the tide of life exists, connecting beauty and wisdom to future generations.

D.W.M. quietly awakens an inner power in each of us, resonating with the countless lives that exist on this planet. Giving us the ever-changing joy and courage to explore our own beauty.


D.W.M. Science

All D.W.M. products are created using the ‘D.W.M. Base’ material developed using our own innovative technology known as the ‘imperceptible electric charge technique’ that draws on the excellent properties of water.Although it is as neutral as water, it keeps the skin healthy and gives it a firmness and lustre through its continued use. Letting the power of the carefully selected and blended natural beauty ingredients be fully demonstrated. These are the outstanding qualities of ‘D.W.M. Base’.
Aiming for more beautiful and healthy skin?
Then, D.W.M. will be close to the heart of everyone who strongly believes in their own inner strength.

・ The cleansing liquid and face wash cleanse the skin by smoothly removing dirt such as sebum, keratin plugs and other waste products left by makeup and released by pores without the need for firm application.
・The emulsion and toner thoroughly moisturise leading to healthy and well-textured skin.
・In addition to collagen and beetroot extract (a skin-conditioning ingredient), the essence also contains nano-sized astaxanthin (a moisturising ingredient) with high levels of antioxidant power.
What is the imperceptible electric charge technique?
An ‘imperceptible electric charge’ is the weak electric current (or bioelectric current) flowing through all living beings including humans, animals, and plants. D.W.M.’s products all use the imperceptible charge technique and by applying this weak charge treatment to the products, we have successfully realised a reduction in the surface-active agents and preservatives found in cosmetics as well as providing a more uniform dispersal and penetration of useful ingredients (up to the stratum corneum layer).

D.W.M. Fragrance

Each of the five D.W.M. products has its own unique scent. Ranging from seaweed to moss, ferns to conifers and hardwoods as well as a variety of grasses. In natural awe of the plants that have grown strong and beautiful over hundreds of millions of years, we expressed each stage of this evolution as a fragrance which we imbued each new product with.

The layers of scent experience created each time you apply our products is like leafing through the chapters of Earth’s never-ending story, from the birth of life in the sea some 4 billion years ago to the growth of abundant forests on the land. It invites us on a journey through space and time, transcending gender, generations, nationalities and all other boundaries.

The fragrance of D.W.M. is the memory of all the plants that have lived on this planet. Breathe deeply and slowly, delivering the scent deep into your body. The unknown door opens quietly, awakening our inner power.

Scent Design & Direction / Kan Izumi
Concept Text by Aya Ogawa